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Peirce College: IT Network or Customer Support

Program Description:

The program offers one of two IT areas of focus: Computer User Support or Network Support.

This career track aligns with the skills possessed by many at-risk workers who have a basic understanding of operating systems, and computer applications, but need industry-recognized certifications to break into the field. Peirce College will allow you to earn college credits for the skills you already have that map to a new career in IT and complete the training and credentials you still need to qualify for employment in this field.

Graduates will be able to demonstrate the baseline skills required for User Support positions, such as configuring devise operating systems, troubleshooting and problem-solving service and support challenges, supporting IT networking and infrastructure, implementing basic data backup and recovery methods, and applying data storage and management practices. You will earn up to 19 stackable credits, including an undergraduate certificate, and be prepared for the CompTIA Network+ exam – widely recognized by employers to validate skills in IT infrastructure covering troubleshooting, configuring, and managing networks. It is an ideal certification for those in entry-level IT positions interested in moving to networking in the IT field. Finally, Peirce counselors will connect you with employment opportunities in the region and help you apply for jobs, prepare for interviews, and leverage our alumni network.

  • Program Start Dates: Cohort dates – 1/9/2023 | 3/13/2023 | 5/8/2023 | 7/3/2023
  • Program Length: 9 months
  • Training Provider: Peirce College
  • Prerequisites: High School Diploma or GED, and Commitment to a career in IT.
  • Training Schedule: Peirce delivers courses in a combination of synchronous and asynchronous activities using Canvas, the College’s Learning Management System (LMS). Synchronous instruction is provided weekly in the form of 90-minute Zoom meetings. Student participation in synchronous meetings is strongly encouraged. The sessions are recorded and uploaded to the course for viewing by those unable to participate in the live session. Course syllabi include office hours – an out-of-class time when students and instructors can connect to discuss the material presented in class or other academic-related issues such as career planning, graduation requirements, and continued study in a degree program. Asynchronous learning activities required of all students include, for example, participating in online discussions and completing quizzes, case studies, and exams. Conditions permitting, Peirce may return to hybrid learning in the fall or spring. On-site classes will follow CDC recommendations for higher education.
  • Industry-Recognized Credentials: IT User Support Certificate (accredited credential / 16 stackable credits),  IT Fundamentals (ITF+) Certification, CompTIA A+, CompTIA Network+
  • College credits: 16 college credits that are stackable towards an Associate or Bachelor’s Degree at Peirce College. 3 additional credits after passing the CompTIA A+ or CompTIA Network+ exam.

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